If This Offends Anyone.

February 28, 2012

Over thirty dead and hundreds wounded in retaliation for U.S. troops burning copies of the koran, and despite all of Barack Obama’s apologies the violence seems set to continue, it seems a day doesn’t go by without yet another muslim being offended by someone who questions the text, or the actions of those following its teachings. I don’t doubt for a minute the book burning was a deliberate act, but considering the mass murder that has resulted perhaps rather than apologising the U.S. president should be giving them medals, after all their actions have shown the religion of peace for what it really is, its followers need little excuse to kill indiscriminantly, preferring to kill American soldiers, but they are perfectly happy to kill their own if no soldiers are available.

In this country they demand tolerance from the rest of society, and yet they are easily offended by gay people and call for them to be beaten, stoned or burnt to death, and they take a particular dislike to any person who highlights texts from the koran or hadiths, obviously you wouldn’t want to offend these very easily offended people, so I’ve made a list of things to avoid talking about, so you have no excuse if you want to avoid upsetting muslims

The prophet mohammed having sex with little girls, muslims seem very sensitive about this one and always rush to point out he didn’t actually have sexual intercourse with aisha until she was nine tears old, up till that point he only rubbed himself against her until he ejaculated, and in the hadiths he proclaimed the practise known as thighing was permissible with children even as young as to still be feeding from their mothers breast.

Rape of women considered booty, rape of any woman for that matter, for mohammed stated when a man rapes a woman he is not to blame, the woman obviously enticed him to act in such a way, and besides the man would be forgiven by allah for at the moment he was committing the crime he ceased to be a muslim, when the crime was finished the man would return to being a muslim, bit like an out of body experience, sort of out of his body and into someone else’s, but all permissible in islam.

Deceit and lies are very much encouraged against all except other muslim obviously.
Violence and terrorism isn’t so much permitted as insisted upon, the koran and hadiths actually advise muslims not attack their enemies unless they have an overwhelming advantage. If muslims did not hold such an advantage they were encouraged to befriend the none believer and gain their trust, then kill them stealthily while they slept. Remember this one next time someone describes a muslim as moderate and very nice.

Sex with animals while not universally approved of by all muslim sects, its not exactly frowned upon, as long as the animal is killed after intercourse and the meat not sold to members of your own village, and you are not permitted to sell the meat to any muslim if an act of sodomy was performed on the animal, but it is perfectly alight to sell the meat to none believers, so you won’t be out of pocket. Remember this one next time tour eating out.

Obviously if you wish to avoid causing offence to muslims you should avoid mentioning al the facts i have highlighted above, or perhaps we shouldn’t try to avoid causing upset, perhaps muslims should grow a thicker skin, or better still take a long hard look at their holy book and do as anyone with with any sanity would do and find another religion.

Oh and if this offends anyone – good.

Yet another attempted terrorist attack and yet again it has been linked to the terrorist capital of the world, this time it was an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin, that came to light when explosives detonated while they were being prepared. For several decades our intelligence services have admitted the terrorist capital of the world isn’t Tehran or Islamabad, nor is it Kabul, Baghdad or Beirut. the terrorist capital lies much closer to home our very own capital, many of the worlds atrocities were planned not in some third world cesspit but a city known for the mother of all democracies. Just how democratic the British parliament is, is open to debate but the accolade of terrorist capital of the world few including our own intelligence services would argue is held by London, and theres little worry it will lose that unenviable accolade any time soon.

For decades our government hasn’t just harboured terrorists, its actively encouraged them to base themselves here, in the foolish belief that dogs don’t shit on their own doorstep, Abu Qatada is free to walk the streets of London despite being a convicted terrorist, he has been released because he wouldn’t get a fair trial because evidence it is alleged resulted from torture, that goes someway to inadequately explaining why he hasn’t been deported. It doesn’t explain why Britain refused to extradite the French metro bombers for well over a decade, no one is accusing France of torture or human rights violations so its about time we explained why terrorists were not just allowed but helped to evade justice for so long.

If America really wants to win the war on terror it would stand a far better chance dropping bombs on London rather than Baghdad, and if Britain wants to be taken seriously as a partner in the war on terror it needs to put its own house in order and stop protecting these people, thinking the terrorists will not bomb us because they live here is plainly stupid. It hasn’t stopped the terrorists attacking our allies and its not stopped them attacking us, its debatable the attacks of 9/11 would have even been possible if it were not for Britains none existent border controls, there is no doubt in my mind America bombing London in retaliation for 9/11 would have been far more justified than bombing Baghdad.
Treating terrorists like they are political dissidents, allowing extremist groups who endorse the use of terrorism to operate with impunity, and allowing our legal system to be used to protect their right to commit acts of terrorism can’t be allowed to continue, and we need to acknowledge virtually all these terrorist groups are Islamic in origin and stop pretending the mantra Religion of Peace is anything more than propaganda used to to gain sympathy, these people are many things but peaceful isn’t one of them. Our government proudly claims it is leading from the front in the war on terror, the truth sadly is Britain isn’t part of the solution, Britain is part of the problem.

London – Terrorist Capital of the world.

Makes you proud to be British doesn’t it?, no me neither.

Religion of Peace?

February 21, 2012

As yet another largely secular country erupts into violence, this time its in Africa which makes a change from the Middle East, this time its Senegal’s turn. But as per usual America insists on getting involved calling for President Abdoulaye Wade to stand down and make way, the question is make way for whom, The muslim brotherhood seem to be the ones who would gain most if the current president stood down. How monumentally stupid can the Americans be, why support opposition parties in Senegal and Syria, when those opposition are radical islamists who are rabidly anti American. Almost every country in the news suffering unrest is a result of extremists calling for democracy, but clearly democracy isn’t their aim, islam isn’t interested in democracy, its an unislamic concept totally at odds with the teachings of the koran.

The koran not only seems to be the blue touch paper in these Middle East and African countries, it is the root cause of trouble in many civil wars around the globe, the seed of most terrorists acts, and is used as justification, whether the majority of so called moderate muslims like it or not, for the rape of women and children, not only in third world countries but increasingly in the western world. Cases of rape by muslims on white women has reached epidemic proportions in Europe, and the rape and grooming of children for sex by muslim gangs is a regular occurrence if the media is to be believed, which they are not, the true scale of the problem is far worse and being covered up by our politicians.

When are the powers that be going to stand up and say what many of us already know, this lie that islam is a religion of peace is contradicted day after day by acts that are anything but peaceful by followers of this religion. We are at war and our politicians don’t even realise it, or more likely they know it all too well and fear confronting our enemy, its true most Muslims are moderate or appear to be so, but the minority of extremists are a large minority, and they have a degree of support from the moderates, the moderates may not share the same goals as the extremists but they have more sense than to voice their opinions, to criticise your fellow muslim is unislamic in itself, and unislamic acts are punishable by death.

We need to speak out against this religion of peace, and start asking the question if this religion is so peaceful why does it seem to be responsible for so much misery and death around the world, then we must start asking a second question, why are our political leaders so afraid to ask the first question, and deny those who are willing to ask the question a platform.

It is standard practise in this and many other countries that in legal cases involving rape and sexual abuse the media is encouraged to report the Proceedings, to encourage further victims to come forward and give evidence to secure a conviction, yet on the 6th February 2012, 47 muslim paedophiles went on trial for the sexual grooming and gang rape of children, and the press are silent.

The fact that all the victims were white none muslims, and that all the men charged are muslims, and the fact that this has happened on numerous occasions in the past, It doesn’t seem to ring any alarm bells with the politicians, your children’s right not to be raped in the name of allah pale into insignificance, compared to the rights of muslims to do pretty much as they please, for over twenty years the politicians have known this has been going on and attempting to cover it up, and sadly succeeding in silencing the few who spoke up, and condemning yet more children to suffer.

If it weren’t for the BNP we still wouldn’t know about this happening, and 47 paedophiles wouldn’t be standing in the dock at Liverpool Crown Court.

Hopefully these men will pay for their crimes, sadly the politicians, judges, police and press who have not only turned a blind eye to the rape of children, but have actively hindered any investigation into these crimes, rather than admit their mistakes allowing our country to be flooded with immigrants with no respect for our laws and traditions, let alone our women and children, sadly they will never face justice, and they will never face scrutiny for their actions unless its reported in the media.

6th February 2012 – 47 Muslims on trial at Liverpool Crown Court for the gang rape and grooming of children, it’s really happening even if the press would like us to believe otherwise.