We hear the same chant almost daily from the left wing, and in the politics and media of Britain today there is little but the left wing, and yes the rich can afford to pay more tax, but that is missing one very important fact, they can also afford to get on a plane and bugger off somewhere else where they won’t be taxed within an inch of their life. Another pearl of wisdom from the communist sympathisers is that the richest five percent own ninety-five percent of the wealth in this country, again a crucial fact is omitted, they also help create ninety-five percent of that wealth. You can increase the amount of tax the rich pay, of course it doesn’t mean they will actually pay it, they will simply leave with their money and the chancellor will receive nothing. It happened in the seventies when the effective tax rate for the rich was something like ninety-eight percent, for every pound someone earnt they were allowed to keep just two pence, and they saved all their two pences and bought a one way ticket to America, a place were success isn’t frowned upon and the rich are not considered evil, and it remained like that until Margaret Thatcher had the sense to change the tax laws and the rich started to return, but sadly many didn’t return.

Another thing I hear a lot is how can you justify paying someone millions when there are cleaners in the same building earning little more than the minimum wage, well firstly they are not paying minimum wage they are paying a good deal more, the agencies are paying minimum wage and pocketing a large proportion for themselves, it costs less to pay an agency ten or fifteen pounds than it does to employ someone directly and for companies to be competitive it makes sense to do it. As for why aren’t they paying cleaners millions I can assure you they would, if those cleaners were generating hundreds of millions in profits trust me they would be paid millions, but they don’t. The people who are getting paid these vast amounts are earning it, and they are paying tax on it. If you stop paying them these sort of salaries don’t worry there are plenty of American companies who will employ them, and the U.S. treasury will be laughing all the way to the bank, of America.

These left wing idiots have nothing against money of course, they are the first with their noses in the trough, what they truly despise is upper class inherited wealth, they would happily see all the toffs leave along with their money even if it left the country on It’s knees, Its called cutting off your nose to spite your face. The same happened with the hunting ban, far more foxes are killed now than prior to the ban, but that doesn’t concern them, they saw hunting as an upper class pastime and wanted it banned at any cost, and that included the cost in foxes lives.

Its not rocket science and you don’t need a degree in economics to figure out its better to have fifty percent of something than to have one-hundred percent of nothing. But that’s the whole point it has nothing to do with money it has more to do with a class war, its not just envy, bitterness and spite against those they see having a privileged upbringing also plays a part, given the option of having the wealth and privilege the rich posses, and seeing the rich reduced to poverty, the left wing in this country would choose the second option every time. Its drummed into them in universities all over the country, and our political leaders and those in the media have been through the exact same education system, they are being brainwashed by left wing tutors in schools, colleges and universities, and its not just happening in this country, and its not happening by accident.

Me personally I haven’t got a problem with rich people, I have the sense to realise without them the money doesn’t trickle down to the bottom, its like when you see someone with a posh car, first thing I think is I wish I had a car like that, your average left wing marxist type starts looking for a key to scratch their paintwork. Rather than hating people with money look at it this way, they’ve been highly taxed on their earnings, they’ve paid an awfully lot of money in taxes when they bought the car, they will pay insurance tax, fuel duty, VAT, people earned a wage making the car, people earned money selling it, yet more people will earn a wage servicing it, and valeting it and so on. Or of course we could tax them more and they could spend that money in another country, its happened before, and this country managed to come back from the brink, next time we may not be so lucky because I don’t see another Margaret thatcher on the horizon.

So next time your tempted to say, tax the rich-they can afford it, think again or better still shut the f**k up and don’t show your ignorance.

If This Offends Anyone.

February 28, 2012

Over thirty dead and hundreds wounded in retaliation for U.S. troops burning copies of the koran, and despite all of Barack Obama’s apologies the violence seems set to continue, it seems a day doesn’t go by without yet another muslim being offended by someone who questions the text, or the actions of those following its teachings. I don’t doubt for a minute the book burning was a deliberate act, but considering the mass murder that has resulted perhaps rather than apologising the U.S. president should be giving them medals, after all their actions have shown the religion of peace for what it really is, its followers need little excuse to kill indiscriminantly, preferring to kill American soldiers, but they are perfectly happy to kill their own if no soldiers are available.

In this country they demand tolerance from the rest of society, and yet they are easily offended by gay people and call for them to be beaten, stoned or burnt to death, and they take a particular dislike to any person who highlights texts from the koran or hadiths, obviously you wouldn’t want to offend these very easily offended people, so I’ve made a list of things to avoid talking about, so you have no excuse if you want to avoid upsetting muslims

The prophet mohammed having sex with little girls, muslims seem very sensitive about this one and always rush to point out he didn’t actually have sexual intercourse with aisha until she was nine tears old, up till that point he only rubbed himself against her until he ejaculated, and in the hadiths he proclaimed the practise known as thighing was permissible with children even as young as to still be feeding from their mothers breast.

Rape of women considered booty, rape of any woman for that matter, for mohammed stated when a man rapes a woman he is not to blame, the woman obviously enticed him to act in such a way, and besides the man would be forgiven by allah for at the moment he was committing the crime he ceased to be a muslim, when the crime was finished the man would return to being a muslim, bit like an out of body experience, sort of out of his body and into someone else’s, but all permissible in islam.

Deceit and lies are very much encouraged against all except other muslim obviously.
Violence and terrorism isn’t so much permitted as insisted upon, the koran and hadiths actually advise muslims not attack their enemies unless they have an overwhelming advantage. If muslims did not hold such an advantage they were encouraged to befriend the none believer and gain their trust, then kill them stealthily while they slept. Remember this one next time someone describes a muslim as moderate and very nice.

Sex with animals while not universally approved of by all muslim sects, its not exactly frowned upon, as long as the animal is killed after intercourse and the meat not sold to members of your own village, and you are not permitted to sell the meat to any muslim if an act of sodomy was performed on the animal, but it is perfectly alight to sell the meat to none believers, so you won’t be out of pocket. Remember this one next time tour eating out.

Obviously if you wish to avoid causing offence to muslims you should avoid mentioning al the facts i have highlighted above, or perhaps we shouldn’t try to avoid causing upset, perhaps muslims should grow a thicker skin, or better still take a long hard look at their holy book and do as anyone with with any sanity would do and find another religion.

Oh and if this offends anyone – good.

Yet another attempted terrorist attack and yet again it has been linked to the terrorist capital of the world, this time it was an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin, that came to light when explosives detonated while they were being prepared. For several decades our intelligence services have admitted the terrorist capital of the world isn’t Tehran or Islamabad, nor is it Kabul, Baghdad or Beirut. the terrorist capital lies much closer to home our very own capital, many of the worlds atrocities were planned not in some third world cesspit but a city known for the mother of all democracies. Just how democratic the British parliament is, is open to debate but the accolade of terrorist capital of the world few including our own intelligence services would argue is held by London, and theres little worry it will lose that unenviable accolade any time soon.

For decades our government hasn’t just harboured terrorists, its actively encouraged them to base themselves here, in the foolish belief that dogs don’t shit on their own doorstep, Abu Qatada is free to walk the streets of London despite being a convicted terrorist, he has been released because he wouldn’t get a fair trial because evidence it is alleged resulted from torture, that goes someway to inadequately explaining why he hasn’t been deported. It doesn’t explain why Britain refused to extradite the French metro bombers for well over a decade, no one is accusing France of torture or human rights violations so its about time we explained why terrorists were not just allowed but helped to evade justice for so long.

If America really wants to win the war on terror it would stand a far better chance dropping bombs on London rather than Baghdad, and if Britain wants to be taken seriously as a partner in the war on terror it needs to put its own house in order and stop protecting these people, thinking the terrorists will not bomb us because they live here is plainly stupid. It hasn’t stopped the terrorists attacking our allies and its not stopped them attacking us, its debatable the attacks of 9/11 would have even been possible if it were not for Britains none existent border controls, there is no doubt in my mind America bombing London in retaliation for 9/11 would have been far more justified than bombing Baghdad.
Treating terrorists like they are political dissidents, allowing extremist groups who endorse the use of terrorism to operate with impunity, and allowing our legal system to be used to protect their right to commit acts of terrorism can’t be allowed to continue, and we need to acknowledge virtually all these terrorist groups are Islamic in origin and stop pretending the mantra Religion of Peace is anything more than propaganda used to to gain sympathy, these people are many things but peaceful isn’t one of them. Our government proudly claims it is leading from the front in the war on terror, the truth sadly is Britain isn’t part of the solution, Britain is part of the problem.

London – Terrorist Capital of the world.

Makes you proud to be British doesn’t it?, no me neither.

There seems to be two distinct camps, its either all the fault of the fat cat bankers, or its all the fault of those on benefits, of course my not so humble opinion is neither are to blame.

Its true the bankers have acted recklessly, but the question should be why has this government and those that went before not only allowed this reckless behaviour but encouraged it, and possibly insisted on it to pay the wages of those who are truly to blame.

As for benefits claimants, again people have been encouraged to remain on benefits, even if you work full time people are so highly taxed they still qualify for benefits, you don’t need a degree in economics to figure out, if a person who works all week, pays his taxes, and is then is entitled to benefits because they cant afford to live, they shouldn’t be paying tax in the first place, so why are they paying tax, simple- to keep those who are really responsible for the economic collapse in work.

If you want to blame anyone blame the civil servants who are bleeding this country dry, civil servants in theory at least, provide vital services, they don’t make anything or create any wealth, the tax payers make things and create the wealth, civil servants provide a service to the rest of us, or at least they should.

We need doctors, nurses, police officers, teachers and the armed services, and strangely they don’t get the highly inflated wages and pension schemes the rest of us would kill for, but there are three or four times as many who we don’t need, who do get highly inflated wages and get pensions deals we can only dream of. There are over 5 million civil servants working directly or through quangos, and these people are not making anything or creating wealth for the country, which means those who are not only have to provide for themselves, they also have to provide for the civil servants. Nobody objects to a nurse who is providing a service, but how many people are happy to pay a member of the administration staff to go around asking immigrants if the NHS, which they have in many cases never paid into, is meeting their cultural and religious needs, and to rub salt into the wounds these admin staff earn more than the nurses and get to park for free at the hospital (unlike nurses who have to pay) in their state provided company car.

How many billions did the last labour government spend, and how many civil service jobs did they create, and why, to buy votes. How many of these parasites would vote for a party who would fire them. That is why the Conservatives party go after benefit claimants, and the Labour party go after the bankers, rather than go after those who are the real problem, council jobsworths checking the lid of your wheely bin is shut, an army of judges solicitors and barristers all working for the state, the social services industry, and i do mean industry its on that scale, and the health and safety army that outnumbers tradesmen on most building sites, trust me I’ve worked on building sites where the number of people walking round with clipboards outnumbered the people actually working.

The nutters really have taken over the asylum, and we are paying their wages, so if they are the nutters what does that make us.

Religion of Peace?

February 21, 2012

As yet another largely secular country erupts into violence, this time its in Africa which makes a change from the Middle East, this time its Senegal’s turn. But as per usual America insists on getting involved calling for President Abdoulaye Wade to stand down and make way, the question is make way for whom, The muslim brotherhood seem to be the ones who would gain most if the current president stood down. How monumentally stupid can the Americans be, why support opposition parties in Senegal and Syria, when those opposition are radical islamists who are rabidly anti American. Almost every country in the news suffering unrest is a result of extremists calling for democracy, but clearly democracy isn’t their aim, islam isn’t interested in democracy, its an unislamic concept totally at odds with the teachings of the koran.

The koran not only seems to be the blue touch paper in these Middle East and African countries, it is the root cause of trouble in many civil wars around the globe, the seed of most terrorists acts, and is used as justification, whether the majority of so called moderate muslims like it or not, for the rape of women and children, not only in third world countries but increasingly in the western world. Cases of rape by muslims on white women has reached epidemic proportions in Europe, and the rape and grooming of children for sex by muslim gangs is a regular occurrence if the media is to be believed, which they are not, the true scale of the problem is far worse and being covered up by our politicians.

When are the powers that be going to stand up and say what many of us already know, this lie that islam is a religion of peace is contradicted day after day by acts that are anything but peaceful by followers of this religion. We are at war and our politicians don’t even realise it, or more likely they know it all too well and fear confronting our enemy, its true most Muslims are moderate or appear to be so, but the minority of extremists are a large minority, and they have a degree of support from the moderates, the moderates may not share the same goals as the extremists but they have more sense than to voice their opinions, to criticise your fellow muslim is unislamic in itself, and unislamic acts are punishable by death.

We need to speak out against this religion of peace, and start asking the question if this religion is so peaceful why does it seem to be responsible for so much misery and death around the world, then we must start asking a second question, why are our political leaders so afraid to ask the first question, and deny those who are willing to ask the question a platform.

Your Country Needs Your Home.

February 15, 2012


At the present time a bill is being discussed in the house of lords, and one of the key elements of the bill is to charge people on benefits in social housing for under occupancy, the real purpose of the bill is to free up social housing for immigrant families coming to the country. These people are jumping the queue and getting housing ahead of British people even when British people are in more need, its got to the stage where I live the local feeling is unless you have a Polish passport you will never get a council house round here, and now British people are being forced to leave their homes and communities to make way for immigrants.

Not only has mass immigration made It virtually impossible to find work, if you are lucky enough to work you are doing so for peanuts because that’s the going wage, that was the whole point of bringing them here in the first place, and now your expected to give up your homes because immigrants need homes, your home.

No Regrets

February 9, 2012

Isn’t it just typical, an investigation and trial that cost £8m, the crime – alleged none payment of income tax, a sum of money in the region of £30,000. In the dock two men Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric, dragged through court and thankfully found not guilty.

these two men between them have apparently paid somewhere in the region of £190m in income tax over the years, and they will continue to contribute in the future, and those contributions will continue to be wasted, paying the wages of incompetent civil servants similar to those who brought this case to court.

Listening to Her Majesties Revenue and Customs spokesman Chris Martin pretty much sums up the problem, “we have no regrets about pursuing this case”, I’m sure he would have regrets if he was picking up the bill but he isn’t, the tax payer picks up the bill every time for the mistakes of these idiots. They are public servants yet the idea of actually serving the public is anathema to these people, they don’t see themselves as serving the country, they see themselves as running the country and sadly they are right.

Harry Redknapp and Milan Mandaric have faced their accusers and have been proved innocent, now its time for the HMRC and the Crown Prosecution Service to be placed under the microscope, agreed £30,000 isn’t a small sum of money, but someone made the decision to spend eight million pounds pursuing this prosecution, this failed prosecution, and heads should role for it, but of course that is never going to happen. Civil servants rarely fall on their sword as they did in bygone days, and they are almost impossible to sack, the standard reward for failure is a move sideways rather than the promotion they were hoping for, or in extreme cases of incompetence a golden handshake to ease the shove out the door that follows, and an assurance they will still receive their very handsome pensions.

The myth that civil servants receive large pensions, often more than they earned while doing their jobs, were to compensate them for accepting lower earnings in the public sector, as they would earn far more in the private sector, is just that a myth. It may have been true once upon a time, but that was before civil servants realised deciding how much they get paid was actually part of their job. In truth these people wouldn’t last five minutes in the private sector, would any private company sanction the payment of eight million pounds to recover thirty thousand pounds, of course not, so it looks like we are stuck with them – and the bill for their mistakes.

Why isn’t this guy running the coutry?

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The Third Jihad

February 7, 2012

<a href=”“>Its time the world woke up and sees whats truely happening in the world, and in our own country.