NHS – On The Brink.

September 13, 2012


NHS – On The Brink.
According to the Royal College of Physicians the NHS is on the brink of collapse, well i have news for them, so is the rest of Britain and for exactly the same reasons, the National Heath Service simply cant cope with the mass influx of immigrants into our country, but rather than admit multi culturalism has been a disaster our politicians are happily piling more wood on our own funeral pyre, how right Enoch Powell was.
Try visiting a Hospital and see for yourself, third world immigrants with third world diseases that were eradicated decades ago only to reappear because of immigration, genetically avoidable disabilities caused by in-breeding on a criminal scale.
The multi culture loving left wing will all be asking the same old question “How would we manage without them, who would run our hospitals”, well the answer is we would manage a damn sight better than we are with them, and we would have to learn to run our own hospitals. For a start we would have no option but to start training people instead of poaching Doctors and Nurses from the third world, where they have their own problems without us adding to them, and along with the small number of skilled immigrants that are allowed into our country comes the vast majority of immigrants from the third world who offer little or nothing to our country, and certainly not our culture as they have little interest in ours while demanding theirs is respected. Many of these immigrants first stop is A and E even before they bother to claim benefits and apply for housing, and they are not here to seek medical attention, they are here to demand medical attention.
Try and get an appointment to see your doctor and when you fail go in anyway and see why you cant get one, then you can see how immigration has really enriched our country just be careful not to sit too close to them. And its not just our hospitals, its everything roads, schools prisons, housing and benefits, and before the left wing half wits start coming out with the same old lies about “oh don’t be silly its not like immigrants can just walk in and sign straight on the dole” don’t bother because i know better, if immigrants cant sign straight on the dole and get a council house ahead of everyone else you need to tell the immigrants, because nobody has bothered to tell them.