British and proud of it, doesn’t it make you proud to see everyone with the Union Jack draped around their shoulders celebrating yet another medal win, well no actually it makes me sick in the pit of my stomach, it should make me feel proud but it doesn’t because come Sunday things will return to normal. Normal in this once great country means displaying the Flag of St George will see you getting a friendly warning from the police, displaying a Union Jack will probably see you arrested or branded a Nazi at the very least.
Its sickening to see politicians who have virtually outlawed the displaying of the Union Jack over the past 30 -40 years wrapping themselves in it purely for their own betterment, and at the same time saying we must encourage our children to play more competitive sports, despite the fact they have spent the last twenty years trying to eradicate any form of competitive sports in schools, insisting that sport is designed not to reward success but to highlight and punish failure, if you have winners there will inevitably be losers, and in the Socialist Multicultural Republic of UK that we seem to have become, that is not permitted. Obviously the fact that councils have sold off all the school playing fields to developers (more often than not with financial links to the councillors who made the decision) doesn’t help the situation.
The opening ceremony very accurately described as Left wing socialist Crap by Aidan Burley MP, with placards supporting the CND was bad enough, but listening to a BBC commentator suggesting that it was possibly a result of slavery why black athletes were so much better than white athletes was truly sickening and of course totally inaccurate, we live in a time when in many countries around the world people still go out with bows and arrows to feed themselves, if we try going out hunting with a bow and arrow we will be arrested, shameful in a country where many would say our greatest invention was the long bow we are no longer allowed to use them.
But worst of all is that this left wing socialist crap was described as a celebration of our culture, or as the media prefer to describe it our Multicultural identity, it was not a celebration of our culture, it was a celebration of everyones culture but ours, what doesn’t surprise me is someone called Mohamed winning a media for Britain, better get used to it in twenty or thirty years time i will be surprised if any of our athletes are not called Mohamed considering the birth rate of muslims in this country, and the continued immigration despite lies to the contrary coming from Dave Cameron, we have seen a muslim woman wearing a head covering in these Olympics, better get used to that also because soon its going to be compulsory for British women athletes if we don’t do something soon. Well the Olympics are drawing to a close, better go and hide my Union Jack before its confiscated.

And to think it’s only cost us about £25 billion, still could be worse they could have spent it employing yet more civil servants to check your not flying a Union Jack offending other peoples cultures.