Your Country Needs Your Home.

February 15, 2012


At the present time a bill is being discussed in the house of lords, and one of the key elements of the bill is to charge people on benefits in social housing for under occupancy, the real purpose of the bill is to free up social housing for immigrant families coming to the country. These people are jumping the queue and getting housing ahead of British people even when British people are in more need, its got to the stage where I live the local feeling is unless you have a Polish passport you will never get a council house round here, and now British people are being forced to leave their homes and communities to make way for immigrants.

Not only has mass immigration made It virtually impossible to find work, if you are lucky enough to work you are doing so for peanuts because that’s the going wage, that was the whole point of bringing them here in the first place, and now your expected to give up your homes because immigrants need homes, your home.