Should Abu Qatada be deported from Britain – answer Yes.

Should Abu Qatada be deported to Jordan – answer No.

The Jordanians have given assurances that Abu Qatada would not face torture if he was returned to stand trial, but there are still concerns that evidence gained by means of torture could be used to ensure a conviction.

Should Britain refuse to return Abu Qatada because of these fears – answer No, we should refuse because its going to cost a fortune, and there is a far cheaper solution, one that will keep all the hand wringing liberals who defend a persons rights to life, liberty and the urge to commit acts of terrorism.
Don’t send him to Jordan, send him to Strasbourg, after all the European court of human rights don’t consider he should be locked up, so they are not going to object to him living in the city, are they.

Then withdraw from Euope so he can’t get back in.