There seems to be two distinct camps, its either all the fault of the fat cat bankers, or its all the fault of those on benefits, of course my not so humble opinion is neither are to blame.

Its true the bankers have acted recklessly, but the question should be why has this government and those that went before not only allowed this reckless behaviour but encouraged it, and possibly insisted on it to pay the wages of those who are truly to blame.

As for benefits claimants, again people have been encouraged to remain on benefits, even if you work full time people are so highly taxed they still qualify for benefits, you don’t need a degree in economics to figure out, if a person who works all week, pays his taxes, and is then is entitled to benefits because they cant afford to live, they shouldn’t be paying tax in the first place, so why are they paying tax, simple- to keep those who are really responsible for the economic collapse in work.

If you want to blame anyone blame the civil servants who are bleeding this country dry, civil servants in theory at least, provide vital services, they don’t make anything or create any wealth, the tax payers make things and create the wealth, civil servants provide a service to the rest of us, or at least they should.

We need doctors, nurses, police officers, teachers and the armed services, and strangely they don’t get the highly inflated wages and pension schemes the rest of us would kill for, but there are three or four times as many who we don’t need, who do get highly inflated wages and get pensions deals we can only dream of. There are over 5 million civil servants working directly or through quangos, and these people are not making anything or creating wealth for the country, which means those who are not only have to provide for themselves, they also have to provide for the civil servants. Nobody objects to a nurse who is providing a service, but how many people are happy to pay a member of the administration staff to go around asking immigrants if the NHS, which they have in many cases never paid into, is meeting their cultural and religious needs, and to rub salt into the wounds these admin staff earn more than the nurses and get to park for free at the hospital (unlike nurses who have to pay) in their state provided company car.

How many billions did the last labour government spend, and how many civil service jobs did they create, and why, to buy votes. How many of these parasites would vote for a party who would fire them. That is why the Conservatives party go after benefit claimants, and the Labour party go after the bankers, rather than go after those who are the real problem, council jobsworths checking the lid of your wheely bin is shut, an army of judges solicitors and barristers all working for the state, the social services industry, and i do mean industry its on that scale, and the health and safety army that outnumbers tradesmen on most building sites, trust me I’ve worked on building sites where the number of people walking round with clipboards outnumbered the people actually working.

The nutters really have taken over the asylum, and we are paying their wages, so if they are the nutters what does that make us.