When will they ever learn.

February 6, 2012

Always had a degree of respect for William Hague, best of a bad lot, no more……..But what a monumental idiot he is.

We hear a few reports on the news from Syria claiming the army is mortaring civilians, videos showing the aftermath of these attacks and our press and politicians just seem to take their word its the truth, the possibility that the army are returning fire doesn’t even bare consideration, neither does the possibility that the mortars are actually being launched by the rebels on their own people, it wouldn’t be the first time, its happened before to gain the sympathy vote.

In Palestine launching rockets at Israeli positions from school playgrounds was a common occurrence, and mothers would deliberately encourage their children to gather round the so called freedom fighters, it was an act intended to discourage the Israelis from returning fire, and of course if the Israelis did return fire the sight of the mangled bodies of young children was a propaganda coup the terrorists would dream about.

Will our politicians never learn, in Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya and now Syria, we hear the people pleading for our help, “we want freedom”, “we want democracy”, then after we go in and do their dirty work for them they turn on us, the democracy they pleaded for used to vote in radical islamists, who’s first act is to remove the right to vote in accordance with sharia law, demanding we leave their countries, telling us we should not interfere in muslim countries.

Normally people learn from their mistakes, if they are unable to learn from their mistakes its normally as a result of them being retarded, am I the only person who considers the majority of politicians in the west to be retards, i doubt it, and hats off to the Russians, nice to see some people are not taken in by the islamic propaganda machine.

Are these people who would gladly kill anyone who would insult their religion, yet are only too willing to put their children in harms way, and yearn for their children to become martyrs for the glory of allah, are they really the kind of people we should to give military aid, or any other form of aid for that matter.