We hear the same chant almost daily from the left wing, and in the politics and media of Britain today there is little but the left wing, and yes the rich can afford to pay more tax, but that is missing one very important fact, they can also afford to get on a plane and bugger off somewhere else where they won’t be taxed within an inch of their life. Another pearl of wisdom from the communist sympathisers is that the richest five percent own ninety-five percent of the wealth in this country, again a crucial fact is omitted, they also help create ninety-five percent of that wealth. You can increase the amount of tax the rich pay, of course it doesn’t mean they will actually pay it, they will simply leave with their money and the chancellor will receive nothing. It happened in the seventies when the effective tax rate for the rich was something like ninety-eight percent, for every pound someone earnt they were allowed to keep just two pence, and they saved all their two pences and bought a one way ticket to America, a place were success isn’t frowned upon and the rich are not considered evil, and it remained like that until Margaret Thatcher had the sense to change the tax laws and the rich started to return, but sadly many didn’t return.

Another thing I hear a lot is how can you justify paying someone millions when there are cleaners in the same building earning little more than the minimum wage, well firstly they are not paying minimum wage they are paying a good deal more, the agencies are paying minimum wage and pocketing a large proportion for themselves, it costs less to pay an agency ten or fifteen pounds than it does to employ someone directly and for companies to be competitive it makes sense to do it. As for why aren’t they paying cleaners millions I can assure you they would, if those cleaners were generating hundreds of millions in profits trust me they would be paid millions, but they don’t. The people who are getting paid these vast amounts are earning it, and they are paying tax on it. If you stop paying them these sort of salaries don’t worry there are plenty of American companies who will employ them, and the U.S. treasury will be laughing all the way to the bank, of America.

These left wing idiots have nothing against money of course, they are the first with their noses in the trough, what they truly despise is upper class inherited wealth, they would happily see all the toffs leave along with their money even if it left the country on It’s knees, Its called cutting off your nose to spite your face. The same happened with the hunting ban, far more foxes are killed now than prior to the ban, but that doesn’t concern them, they saw hunting as an upper class pastime and wanted it banned at any cost, and that included the cost in foxes lives.

Its not rocket science and you don’t need a degree in economics to figure out its better to have fifty percent of something than to have one-hundred percent of nothing. But that’s the whole point it has nothing to do with money it has more to do with a class war, its not just envy, bitterness and spite against those they see having a privileged upbringing also plays a part, given the option of having the wealth and privilege the rich posses, and seeing the rich reduced to poverty, the left wing in this country would choose the second option every time. Its drummed into them in universities all over the country, and our political leaders and those in the media have been through the exact same education system, they are being brainwashed by left wing tutors in schools, colleges and universities, and its not just happening in this country, and its not happening by accident.

Me personally I haven’t got a problem with rich people, I have the sense to realise without them the money doesn’t trickle down to the bottom, its like when you see someone with a posh car, first thing I think is I wish I had a car like that, your average left wing marxist type starts looking for a key to scratch their paintwork. Rather than hating people with money look at it this way, they’ve been highly taxed on their earnings, they’ve paid an awfully lot of money in taxes when they bought the car, they will pay insurance tax, fuel duty, VAT, people earned a wage making the car, people earned money selling it, yet more people will earn a wage servicing it, and valeting it and so on. Or of course we could tax them more and they could spend that money in another country, its happened before, and this country managed to come back from the brink, next time we may not be so lucky because I don’t see another Margaret thatcher on the horizon.

So next time your tempted to say, tax the rich-they can afford it, think again or better still shut the f**k up and don’t show your ignorance.