Religion of Peace?

February 21, 2012

As yet another largely secular country erupts into violence, this time its in Africa which makes a change from the Middle East, this time its Senegal’s turn. But as per usual America insists on getting involved calling for President Abdoulaye Wade to stand down and make way, the question is make way for whom, The muslim brotherhood seem to be the ones who would gain most if the current president stood down. How monumentally stupid can the Americans be, why support opposition parties in Senegal and Syria, when those opposition are radical islamists who are rabidly anti American. Almost every country in the news suffering unrest is a result of extremists calling for democracy, but clearly democracy isn’t their aim, islam isn’t interested in democracy, its an unislamic concept totally at odds with the teachings of the koran.

The koran not only seems to be the blue touch paper in these Middle East and African countries, it is the root cause of trouble in many civil wars around the globe, the seed of most terrorists acts, and is used as justification, whether the majority of so called moderate muslims like it or not, for the rape of women and children, not only in third world countries but increasingly in the western world. Cases of rape by muslims on white women has reached epidemic proportions in Europe, and the rape and grooming of children for sex by muslim gangs is a regular occurrence if the media is to be believed, which they are not, the true scale of the problem is far worse and being covered up by our politicians.

When are the powers that be going to stand up and say what many of us already know, this lie that islam is a religion of peace is contradicted day after day by acts that are anything but peaceful by followers of this religion. We are at war and our politicians don’t even realise it, or more likely they know it all too well and fear confronting our enemy, its true most Muslims are moderate or appear to be so, but the minority of extremists are a large minority, and they have a degree of support from the moderates, the moderates may not share the same goals as the extremists but they have more sense than to voice their opinions, to criticise your fellow muslim is unislamic in itself, and unislamic acts are punishable by death.

We need to speak out against this religion of peace, and start asking the question if this religion is so peaceful why does it seem to be responsible for so much misery and death around the world, then we must start asking a second question, why are our political leaders so afraid to ask the first question, and deny those who are willing to ask the question a platform.