Yet another attempted terrorist attack and yet again it has been linked to the terrorist capital of the world, this time it was an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin, that came to light when explosives detonated while they were being prepared. For several decades our intelligence services have admitted the terrorist capital of the world isn’t Tehran or Islamabad, nor is it Kabul, Baghdad or Beirut. the terrorist capital lies much closer to home our very own capital, many of the worlds atrocities were planned not in some third world cesspit but a city known for the mother of all democracies. Just how democratic the British parliament is, is open to debate but the accolade of terrorist capital of the world few including our own intelligence services would argue is held by London, and theres little worry it will lose that unenviable accolade any time soon.

For decades our government hasn’t just harboured terrorists, its actively encouraged them to base themselves here, in the foolish belief that dogs don’t shit on their own doorstep, Abu Qatada is free to walk the streets of London despite being a convicted terrorist, he has been released because he wouldn’t get a fair trial because evidence it is alleged resulted from torture, that goes someway to inadequately explaining why he hasn’t been deported. It doesn’t explain why Britain refused to extradite the French metro bombers for well over a decade, no one is accusing France of torture or human rights violations so its about time we explained why terrorists were not just allowed but helped to evade justice for so long.

If America really wants to win the war on terror it would stand a far better chance dropping bombs on London rather than Baghdad, and if Britain wants to be taken seriously as a partner in the war on terror it needs to put its own house in order and stop protecting these people, thinking the terrorists will not bomb us because they live here is plainly stupid. It hasn’t stopped the terrorists attacking our allies and its not stopped them attacking us, its debatable the attacks of 9/11 would have even been possible if it were not for Britains none existent border controls, there is no doubt in my mind America bombing London in retaliation for 9/11 would have been far more justified than bombing Baghdad.
Treating terrorists like they are political dissidents, allowing extremist groups who endorse the use of terrorism to operate with impunity, and allowing our legal system to be used to protect their right to commit acts of terrorism can’t be allowed to continue, and we need to acknowledge virtually all these terrorist groups are Islamic in origin and stop pretending the mantra Religion of Peace is anything more than propaganda used to to gain sympathy, these people are many things but peaceful isn’t one of them. Our government proudly claims it is leading from the front in the war on terror, the truth sadly is Britain isn’t part of the solution, Britain is part of the problem.

London – Terrorist Capital of the world.

Makes you proud to be British doesn’t it?, no me neither.