I cant help wondering IF Chris Stevens was still alive would he still think freedom for Libyans was such a good idea, when time and again we have seen what these savages do with it, freedom to an islamic extremist is freedom to kill, rape, steal and lie. Of course Mr Stevens wasn’t to know he didn’t have a crystal ball, and he never bothered to listen to anyone who actually knew what they were talking about.
Lie down with dogs and you will wake up with flees, get into bed with terrorists, which is exactly what America did helping the islamists overthrow Gadaffi and its inevitable nothing good will come of it. And they still haven’t learned their lesson, Hilary Clinton is still appeasing islam calling the film that supposedly triggered the killing “disgusting and reprehensible”, when in reality it is no more disgusting and reprehensible than The Life Brian, and calling islam a great religion, exactly how great can any religion be if it can not withstand criticism.
America needs to learn from its mistakes, muslims hatred of America has nothing to do with palastine, it has nothing to do with muslims feeling America has committed an injustice toward them, the simple reason why they hate America so much is they are not muslims. There will never be a peace deal with Israel because the muslims don’t want peace they want to eradicate the Jews, and when they finish with the Jews they will turn their attention to gays, then to Christians, then to Atheists, if you are not a muslim you are their enemy, and we need to wake up and realise it now.
Stop supporting terrorists in Libya, Egypt and now in Syria, and stop trying to overthrow regimes who are managing to keep the peace, sometimes by force, because if Assad falls and the islamists take over there will be yet another massacre of none mulims, and yet more terrorists bred to fight Americans, in yet more wars – When will you ever learn.