It is standard practise in this and many other countries that in legal cases involving rape and sexual abuse the media is encouraged to report the Proceedings, to encourage further victims to come forward and give evidence to secure a conviction, yet on the 6th February 2012, 47 muslim paedophiles went on trial for the sexual grooming and gang rape of children, and the press are silent.

The fact that all the victims were white none muslims, and that all the men charged are muslims, and the fact that this has happened on numerous occasions in the past, It doesn’t seem to ring any alarm bells with the politicians, your children’s right not to be raped in the name of allah pale into insignificance, compared to the rights of muslims to do pretty much as they please, for over twenty years the politicians have known this has been going on and attempting to cover it up, and sadly succeeding in silencing the few who spoke up, and condemning yet more children to suffer.

If it weren’t for the BNP we still wouldn’t know about this happening, and 47 paedophiles wouldn’t be standing in the dock at Liverpool Crown Court.

Hopefully these men will pay for their crimes, sadly the politicians, judges, police and press who have not only turned a blind eye to the rape of children, but have actively hindered any investigation into these crimes, rather than admit their mistakes allowing our country to be flooded with immigrants with no respect for our laws and traditions, let alone our women and children, sadly they will never face justice, and they will never face scrutiny for their actions unless its reported in the media.

6th February 2012 – 47 Muslims on trial at Liverpool Crown Court for the gang rape and grooming of children, it’s really happening even if the press would like us to believe otherwise.