September 14, 2012

sharia unveiled

11 year-old Rimsha Masih has been threatened to be burned alive by muslim savages


The family of a young Pakistani Christian girl, known as Rimsha, who is accused of blasphemy, say their Muslim neighbours threatened to burn them alive inside their home.

Speaking to the BBC under tight security, Rimsha’s father said he feared for their lives.

He insisted his daughter was innocent. Rimsha was released on bail on Saturday, but could still face charges.

She had been accused of burning pages from an Islamic textbook.

But a cleric who had accused her was arrested last week for allegedly planting evidence against her, and himself desecrating the Koran.

The case has sparked fresh concerns about the misuse of Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws.


Rimsha’s parents, who are not being named for their own safety, told the BBC’s Orla Guerin that their daughter was a shy 11-year-old who was illiterate…

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  1. Just look into her eyes… what a beautiful little child of God. And, to think… those bastard muslims with absolutely zero respect for human life… would not think twice about setting her on fire.

    A “religion of peace and love…” islam..? Yeah, right…! What a joke… only it’s not funny.

    Our leaders are not that stupid, nor are they that blind as to not see the obvious truth, as we do.

    We are intentionally being conditioned and desensitized (ie.) brainwashed.. into believing the lies of the deceivers.

    A tree shall be known by the fruit that it bares…

    We do not need to be told… “that is an apple tree..” and “that is a fig tree..” we can discern this ourselves.

    Our governments are clearly not going to do anything to stem the rising tide of islam and it’s violent effects… so, it is beyond time that… “We, the people…” take matters into our own hands…

    We Must !! We have no choice… We have no.. “options” … but, rather what we have is one option…

    We either bow down to islam in submission and allow ourselves to be led … like lambs to the slaughter…

    or we fight back !!

    An eye for eye… and a tooth for a tooth…!! A lie for a lie…

    … and a life for a life…!!

    Then… and only then… do we have a fighting chance.

    I say… “to hell with our governments… and to hell with our courts… and let’s hold trial in the streets…”

    Is there anyone out there willing to join with me…?

    • popeye67 said

      dont actually think thats the kid, shes got downs syndrome

      • re: No.. that picture is definitely the girl… I have several pictures of her from various sources… some of which are connected to her family and have met them. I also have a couple videos of her being taken into custody… interviews with her family… etc…

        that is her… 100%

      • popeye67 said

        hadnt seen a picture of her before, its made the news here but i cant believe so little fuss is made unless its a muslim, i wont watch the bbc or channel 4 news they are that bad, only British tv news i will watch regularly is sky and i tend to call them the free syrian army propaganda broadcasting service

      • re: I totally understand and agree with what you are saying…

        It is the same here in the states… ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN,… all the same… Government Controlled… or in bed together, at minimum…

        You are aware, i’m sure… there are only 2 or 3 Primary News Outlets that feed the News to ALL of the media… Print media, “the tele” ( as you would call it.. ha ha..).. radio… etc..

        One is AP (Associated Press).. One is Reuters… and I believe there is One more… but, I heard all 3 are owned and controlled by the same parent corporation…

        Me…?? I get my news from the most reliable source I know…

        … sharia unveiled, of course… ;-b

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