September 14, 2012


I cant help wondering IF Chris Stevens was still alive would he still think freedom for Libyans was such a good idea, when time and again we have seen what these savages do with it, freedom to an islamic extremist is freedom to kill, rape, steal and lie. Of course Mr Stevens wasn’t to know he didn’t have a crystal ball, and he never bothered to listen to anyone who actually knew what they were talking about.
Lie down with dogs and you will wake up with flees, get into bed with terrorists, which is exactly what America did helping the islamists overthrow Gadaffi and its inevitable nothing good will come of it. And they still haven’t learned their lesson, Hilary Clinton is still appeasing islam calling the film that supposedly triggered the killing “disgusting and reprehensible”, when in reality it is no more disgusting and reprehensible than The Life Brian, and calling islam a great religion, exactly how great can any religion be if it can not withstand criticism.
America needs to learn from its mistakes, muslims hatred of America has nothing to do with palastine, it has nothing to do with muslims feeling America has committed an injustice toward them, the simple reason why they hate America so much is they are not muslims. There will never be a peace deal with Israel because the muslims don’t want peace they want to eradicate the Jews, and when they finish with the Jews they will turn their attention to gays, then to Christians, then to Atheists, if you are not a muslim you are their enemy, and we need to wake up and realise it now.
Stop supporting terrorists in Libya, Egypt and now in Syria, and stop trying to overthrow regimes who are managing to keep the peace, sometimes by force, because if Assad falls and the islamists take over there will be yet another massacre of none mulims, and yet more terrorists bred to fight Americans, in yet more wars – When will you ever learn.

NHS – On The Brink.

September 13, 2012


NHS – On The Brink.
According to the Royal College of Physicians the NHS is on the brink of collapse, well i have news for them, so is the rest of Britain and for exactly the same reasons, the National Heath Service simply cant cope with the mass influx of immigrants into our country, but rather than admit multi culturalism has been a disaster our politicians are happily piling more wood on our own funeral pyre, how right Enoch Powell was.
Try visiting a Hospital and see for yourself, third world immigrants with third world diseases that were eradicated decades ago only to reappear because of immigration, genetically avoidable disabilities caused by in-breeding on a criminal scale.
The multi culture loving left wing will all be asking the same old question “How would we manage without them, who would run our hospitals”, well the answer is we would manage a damn sight better than we are with them, and we would have to learn to run our own hospitals. For a start we would have no option but to start training people instead of poaching Doctors and Nurses from the third world, where they have their own problems without us adding to them, and along with the small number of skilled immigrants that are allowed into our country comes the vast majority of immigrants from the third world who offer little or nothing to our country, and certainly not our culture as they have little interest in ours while demanding theirs is respected. Many of these immigrants first stop is A and E even before they bother to claim benefits and apply for housing, and they are not here to seek medical attention, they are here to demand medical attention.
Try and get an appointment to see your doctor and when you fail go in anyway and see why you cant get one, then you can see how immigration has really enriched our country just be careful not to sit too close to them. And its not just our hospitals, its everything roads, schools prisons, housing and benefits, and before the left wing half wits start coming out with the same old lies about “oh don’t be silly its not like immigrants can just walk in and sign straight on the dole” don’t bother because i know better, if immigrants cant sign straight on the dole and get a council house ahead of everyone else you need to tell the immigrants, because nobody has bothered to tell them.

Hillsnbourgh – The Truth

September 13, 2012

Hillsnbourgh The Truth
Yesterday David Cameron apologised and absolved Liverpool FC fans of any blame regarding the the hillsboro Disaster, and the media seem happy to perpetuate this new myth just like some elements of the press were happy to jump on the bandwagon and demonise Liverpool fans twenty odd years ago. Well Dave is a politician and wants peoples vote and has shown he is willing to tell lies to achieve it, I’m not a politician and i don’t want your votes so I’m afraid you will have to settle for the truth.
I had this same debate over a decade ago while listening to a group of Liverpool fans working in the area having a go at United fans, their argument went something like this “everyone sympathises with United over Munich, everyone sympathises with Rangers over Ibrox, everyone sympathises with Bradford over the fire etc, but when its Liverpool no one cares, they’re just scum no ones going to miss them”. I told them they were mistaken people did sympathies with what had happened at Hillsboro but that sympathy was tempered by the fact that Liverpool fans had blamed everyone, the Police, the FA, the Hillsboro organisers, the TV companies, the lads doing road works on the motorway that day, i have even heard it called an Act of God, everyone was to blame, but not Liverpool fans who were always considered above blame.
The Police have to carry a lot of the blame, both for the total incompetence at policing the event, but even more so for the shameful way they acted subsequently and have continued to behave for twenty three years, the Hillsboro organisers and FA need to take their fare share of the blame also for allowing a match to be held there in the first place, there had been plenty of warnings and sadly it was only a matter of time before someone was killed.
To be fair to the Police, no one has ever asked the question what if they had kept the gates closed and people had been crushed to death outside the ground, the fact is Liverpool fans were pleading with Police to open the gates or people were going to die, and the Police gave in to pressure from fans and opened the gates, it wasn’t an unusual occurrence I’ve witnessed it myself fans pushing forward trying to get the Police to give way and open the gates and let everyone in with tickets and without.
I still sympathise with Liverpool fans and the families of those who lost loved ones, but I’m sorry, to say Liverpool fans played no part in what happened is a lie and until they accept that fans played some part in what happened i don’t think people will empathise with the Liverpool fans, they need to stop acting like innocent victims of the Police, that isn’t what happened, the Police were guilty of terrible mistakes, but they were mistakes not a deliberate act to kill Liverpool fans, and the Liverpool fans also need to accept that yes, rival fans do sing offensive and hurtful songs, and yes they should be found and at the very least banned from football matches, but its a small minority of fans and Liverpool are not immune, they have a small number of fans who do the same to others and pretending it doesn’t happen with Liverpool fans just Isn’t true, I’ve spoken to Liverpool fans who have admitted doing it.
Hillsboro happened as a result of a number of factors no single individual or organisation were to blame, but the fact is they weren’t crushed by the Police they were crushed by other Liverpool fans, it wasn’t a deliberate act but those fans have to accept some of the blame, and perhaps if they did accept what happened they could come to terms with what happened in a way being absolved of guilt by David Cameron isn’t going to achieve.

September 5, 2012

Am I the only person who thinks what has happened at Rangers could have been the best thing to ever happen to the club, as soon as it became apparent that the rest of the Scottish Premiership were going to cut off their nose to spite their face and relegate the club to the Scottish third division, why on earth didn’t the club apply to join the English League, it’s not like the club haven’t thought about it in the past.
Even if Rangers are promoted back into the Scottish Premiership immediately, albeit one division at a time, they can only go as far as the Scottish Premiership, while some supporters may well prefer to be a big fish in a little pond, the English Premiership is where the money is and it would have given the club a massive advantage over Celtic, who in my opinion would have had no option but to follow suit.
It’s a bit late in the day now (or is it), but i would be really interested to hear the views of Rangers fans.

British and proud of it, doesn’t it make you proud to see everyone with the Union Jack draped around their shoulders celebrating yet another medal win, well no actually it makes me sick in the pit of my stomach, it should make me feel proud but it doesn’t because come Sunday things will return to normal. Normal in this once great country means displaying the Flag of St George will see you getting a friendly warning from the police, displaying a Union Jack will probably see you arrested or branded a Nazi at the very least.
Its sickening to see politicians who have virtually outlawed the displaying of the Union Jack over the past 30 -40 years wrapping themselves in it purely for their own betterment, and at the same time saying we must encourage our children to play more competitive sports, despite the fact they have spent the last twenty years trying to eradicate any form of competitive sports in schools, insisting that sport is designed not to reward success but to highlight and punish failure, if you have winners there will inevitably be losers, and in the Socialist Multicultural Republic of UK that we seem to have become, that is not permitted. Obviously the fact that councils have sold off all the school playing fields to developers (more often than not with financial links to the councillors who made the decision) doesn’t help the situation.
The opening ceremony very accurately described as Left wing socialist Crap by Aidan Burley MP, with placards supporting the CND was bad enough, but listening to a BBC commentator suggesting that it was possibly a result of slavery why black athletes were so much better than white athletes was truly sickening and of course totally inaccurate, we live in a time when in many countries around the world people still go out with bows and arrows to feed themselves, if we try going out hunting with a bow and arrow we will be arrested, shameful in a country where many would say our greatest invention was the long bow we are no longer allowed to use them.
But worst of all is that this left wing socialist crap was described as a celebration of our culture, or as the media prefer to describe it our Multicultural identity, it was not a celebration of our culture, it was a celebration of everyones culture but ours, what doesn’t surprise me is someone called Mohamed winning a media for Britain, better get used to it in twenty or thirty years time i will be surprised if any of our athletes are not called Mohamed considering the birth rate of muslims in this country, and the continued immigration despite lies to the contrary coming from Dave Cameron, we have seen a muslim woman wearing a head covering in these Olympics, better get used to that also because soon its going to be compulsory for British women athletes if we don’t do something soon. Well the Olympics are drawing to a close, better go and hide my Union Jack before its confiscated.

And to think it’s only cost us about £25 billion, still could be worse they could have spent it employing yet more civil servants to check your not flying a Union Jack offending other peoples cultures.